Donated his Kidney to his brother


Dave - Organ Donor


My life has been a wonderful, rewarding and exciting journey! It began in a small town of north-east India (Assam), in a traditional simple middle class family of 7 children. In my mid twenties (summer, 1977) as I had just started my engineer career far away from home town, in a large western India city Mumbai, I was informed of my elder brother's kidney failure. The whole family was in crisis and panic mode. I managed some LOA time and was next to them also... and within a month I became ready to be his donor! 

My second, and adult life began in the US as a graduate student of Rutgers University in 1980. And thereafter, working with various companies, we (the family of 3) moved from east coast (NJ, PA), midwest (MI) to all the way to west (CA). Alonwith my professional growth, I equally emphasized and cared for my spiritual growth to see the larger picture of my existence! I became involved in various caring and sharing activities. Opened up our home to host several exchange students year-over-year (through YFU. org). Became passionate volunteer for philanthropic activities of Isha yoga. And also currently volunteer for other charities orgs. such as Habitat for Humanity, Assam Foundation (AFNA), India Friends Association (IFA) org who mainly supports projects in India.     

I believe the whole existence is connected with one another... in a cause and effect relationship. We all impact/ matter in each other's life one way or another, our roles of Giver and Receiver may constantly change! I was a giver once, and now I will soon be a receiver. My glass is never half empty, it is always full! Content, and no regrets! In my Guru's words: "in our lives, if we do not do what we can not do, there is no problem, but, if we do not do what we can do, then that's a tragedy!" 


Have you considered donating a kidney?  Please contact Donor to Donor to find out more.