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In the US, over 100,000 people desperately need a kidney. Each year,Kidney disease kills 2 million Americans - 28 times the number who die from breast and prostate cancer combined.

Did you know that YOU can donate your spare kidney to save the life of a stranger, because you only need one of them?

Even if you're a registered organ donor, fewer than 1 in 500 donors die in a way that allows organs to be transplanted.

100,000 people need this life-saving transplant, but each year fewer than 200 people donate their kidney to a stranger- That's fewer than the number of astronauts who have been to the International Space Station. Why? Because there's one thing people DON'T know: Your donation could save multiple lives.

Though thousands of people receive donations from friends or family every year, many others don't have a match; this leaves a "chain" of matched pairs
waiting on your donation to set off the reaction for the chain to start!

Living kidney donation is the gift of life and is entirely paid for by the recipient's insurance.

Think about it, consider saving a life and #shareyourspare!   

“I just thought 'why hadn’t this dawned on me before? I have two healthy kidneys and I can possibly save someone’s life, or at least improve the quality of somebody’s life,” - Rob


Imagine you're sitting in a boat wearing two lifejackets. You realize a person is drowning in the water next to you. Would you give your extra life jacket to save them? How about your kidney?


Thank you.