John is one of our latest participants with Donor to Donor joining October, 2016.  John is a wonderful hard worker, always ready with a smile.  He's been on dialysis for two years and had to stop working because of his illness.  John is hoping for a kidney donor that wants to help him get back to living a full and long life.  

Blood type B+.

Help John today, consider giving a kidney & #DonateLife!

Paul A.

John has two adult children who are unfortunately not able to donate.  A great man who worked at the Darien YMCA for 15 years, sadly he was forced to leave there because of his illness. 

John lost his kidneys due to a severe case of childhood nephritis.

Having been on dialysis for 2 years, he's more than ready to find a donor that understands how important it is to regain a normal life.  John is single now and has gone through so many things, not just a divorce or his severe illness but every challenge he's endured has helped him appreciate everything life has to offer.  He is eager to get back on his feet.  Please consider donating to John or another recipient that could create a kidney chain that could include John and others!

John is 54 years old and resides in Norwalk, CT

Blood type B+



If you would consider donating a kidney to help John get back to a full and productive life, please contact Ned Brooks at for more information.


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