Some of our featured clients

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Patty is a wonderful person with a kind spirit and a loving nature, you can see that as soon as you look at her.  Patty is a super hard worker, owns her own business and helps care for her family.

Patty is always smiling, even while her own health has so many twits & turns.  She's been on dialysis for almost three years now. 

John A.

John is a great guy and hard worker, always ready with a smile.  He's been on dialysis for two years and had to stop working because of his illness.  

John loves helping others and loves his family, he is hoping for a kidney donor that wants to help him get back to living a full and long life. 

Carolyn S

Carolyn Loves to sing in the Church Choir, loves Gospel Music & Loves doing the Lords work helping others. 

Please find it in your heart to become a donor for Carolyn, you will be helping a truly wonderful & amazing woman that's spent her life helping and mentoring others, let's help her to keep on doing just that!

Richard Got A Kidney!

Richard is 62 years old and he’s been on dialysis for 7 years. Even while on dialysis, Richard still works full time in the maintenance department of an office park in Greenwich, CT.

Richard loves music and wants more than anything to be able to get back to a normal life, dialysis free.


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