Scott has medullary cystic disease, a rare inherited kidney disease for which there is no cure. Scott’s kidney function is borderline at this point and he will be facing dialysis as his kidneys continue to deteriorate.

Scott is 58 years old, married with two children. He is blood type A. His wife is not a match, but she is getting tested to donate in the event a paired swap can be arranged.

Scott is taking charge of his future; he has recently started a Facebook page to look for a kidney donor and we want to share with you his story as told in his post here:

The following is an excerpt from Scott's Facebook page:

Have you ever considered saving a life?

I’m in desperate need to find a donor. As many of you know, I need a kidney transplant as soon as possible. Last year I was signed up for a clinical study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, the study was stopped after two dozen successful non-matching donor transplants because of blood clotting issues with the last three patients.

Then, this past January I was scheduled for an exchange donor transplant, when an emergency delayed the procedure. Several weeks ago I was back in Chicago to get a transplant and the night before the procedure my donor backed out.

Since then, I have switched hospitals to NY Presbyterian – Columbia in NYC.

I have type A blood, which means I can have a transplant with a person who has A or O. If someone has AB or B they can enter the exchange program on my behalf.

Everyone can live with one kidney, that’s all the body needs. Donor kidneys are removed laparoscopically, with a small incision below the navel.

The risks are minimal but surgery always has some risks. Typically, people are back to work between one to two weeks, assuming a desk job. A job that requires heavy lifting requires four to eight weeks off.

All medical expenses are paid for by my insurance company and anything that is not covered is paid for by me. It is a process to be accepted as a donor and can take several months. Testing is typically done locally. You have to be in excellent health, normal weight and no significant family health issues.
If your interested to find out more you can reach me at or call at 203-434-8144.


Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day!  Scott

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