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UPDATE!  Patty received her kidney!  She's doing wonderfully and is slowly getting back to a normal life and schedule!  


Kidney disease is not what defines Patty.  She is a wonderful person with a kind spirit and a loving nature, you can see that as soon as you look at her. She is one of our latest participants with Donor to Donor joining October, 2016.  Patty is a super hard worker, owns her own business as a massage therapist and helps care for her family. She is always smiling, even while her own health has so many twits & turns.  She's been on dialysis for almost three years now.  Patty is hoping for a kidney donor that wants to help her get back to living life, helping others and get ready for her own grandchildren when they arrive!

Patty wants to be off of these machines and we want that for her too.

Blood type A+

(You do not have to be a blood match to donate)

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Here is Patricia's story:

Hi. My name is Patty and I was diagnosed with low functioning kidneys in January of 2011, during a routine physical. I was sent for an ultrasound that showed that my right kidney had atrophied and my left kidney was covered in cysts. All of this and I had no symptoms. I was then sent for a biopsy that showed that of the 6 filters on my left kidney, 4 were completely destroyed and 1 was partially destroyed. I was in stage 3 kidney failure. I then tried to watch my diet and learn what I could about kidney disease. In February of 2014, I was in end stage kidney disease and I started peritoneal dialysis. That was great until, it somehow opened up a small hole in my diaphragm that caused the fluid to leak into my lung cavity collapsing my right lung. What a party. At that point I was sent to the hospital for a chest catheter. I kept and used that for a little over a year. They needed to put in a fistula. The first surgery failed. The second would be a 2-part surgery. They would go in and do the fistula, let it heal for a month, and go back to move it closer to the surface. One problem. When they went back in to move it to the surface, my veins were not large enough to support a fistula, so they put in a graft. I have been using that ever since. 

I am a pretty healthy person. I have kidney disease, but I don’t have any pre-existing conditions that caused it, and no family history. We have no idea why this happened. We just know it did, and now we will do what we need to do to get through this. I have a wonderful support system with family and friends. I have become very involved in the National Kidney Foundation, and I reach out to others who are diagnosed so that they have someone to talk to and let them know that this is not the end. This is just a new journey. I must admit, that I have grown quite a bit since this diagnosis. I am very proactive about my health and I do my dialysis treatments at home with the help of my husband. 

Of course, my life was already pretty busy before all of this. I am a Massage Therapist and I am self-employed. I am a member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). Through that, I am on the sports massage team, the community service massage team, and the emergency response massage team. I don’t get to do as many events as I would like to do, because one person can only juggle so much, but I do enjoy going and being a part of the teams. Although I do not have any grandchildren of my own yet, I am enjoying my sister’s grandchildren. They are 6 months and 18 months and so much fun. I think that when they are visiting is the hardest time for me to be on dialysis. I want to spend time holding them and playing with them, not hooked up to a machine. 

Getting a new kidney would mean so much for me. It would mean that I could put more into my business, and still come home after work and enjoy dinner with my husband. Now I rush to get out of work, rush to get home from work, rush to get on the machine, then when we are done, I need to hurry up and go to bed so that we can start over again tomorrow. By the time we get done treatment and get to bed at night, it is usually around 11 pm. Another thing I would be able to do, is travel more. I take weekends away to go visit my mother, but I would love to go spend a week with her up in the Adirondacks and not worry about getting home for dialysis. I would also like to spend more time with those 2 beautiful babies I love so much. One more thing. My kids are 22 and 25 years old. When they have their babies, I want to enjoy them, not watch from the chair with needles in my arm. 

Blood type A+

(You do not have to be a blood match to donate)

If you would consider donating a kidney to help Patty get back to a full and productive life, please contact Ned Brooks at for more information.

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