Paul, a renowned journalist visiting every state in the US and 7 continents covering warfare to the White House, a father of two,  baseball & softball coach, substitute school teacher. 

Blood Type 

Paul in Croatia

Paul is a father of two teens and a professional journalist whose work has taken him to all 50 states and seven continents, covering warfare to the White House. He’s also been a baseball and softball coach for his children, a substitute school teacher and board member of parent-teacher groups, and a leader in a DC-area parent education group.

Paul is also a native of Massachusetts, one of seven children in a family that has extensive experience with polycystic kidney disease. He has four brothers and sisters with PKD, and his father has had his transplant for 30 years, an unusually long time that’s a testament to his commitment to staying in shape, including biking to work long before it became a somewhat popular trend. Paul also bikes 20 miles a day to his workplace, and plays in an adult baseball league on weekends, both for fun and as part of a commitment to keeping as healthy as possible with PKD.

Paul’s career included working for United Press International, spending five years covering the White House alongside the legendary Helen Thomas, with regular participation in televised presidential news conferences. During that time, he also worked on the side as a substitute teacher in the Washington public school system. He also covered Congress, led a team of foreign desk editors in London, and handled international assignments that included war coverage in the Middle East and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Paul later worked at Bloomberg News, where he founded the State Department bureau and covered beats including health care and education. He later joined The Chronicle of Higher Education, covering science and government policy. There he won first place in the 2008 enterprise reporting award from the National Press Club in Washington.

Paul graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and electrical engineering. During college he worked as a stringer for the Associated Press and Newsweek, and he designed circuit boards at a company founded by his father in the Boston area. He worked for two years after college at The Springfield Daily News, covering western Massachusetts.


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