Fire Fighter   |   Hunter  |  Kidney Donor  |  Advocate

One of the things we love about what we do at Donor to Donor is the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people. Whether as donors or as recipients, everyone has a story. Here is one we want to share with you...

Meet Rob Robinson. Rob was a fire fighter for 20 years in Mississippi. But his heart is outdoors, so 2 years ago he quit the fire department and hit the road with a passel of camping and hunting equipment, and he’s been hunting and fishing ever since. Rob is a champion turkey hunter, among his other skills, and nine years ago he came across a promising piece of land in western Kansas to hunt turkey. He asked the owner of the property if that was okay, and the owner gave his permission. Rob went back there a few years later and he got to know the owner, Gil, and then he heard about how Gil’s situation. Gil was on dialysis and having a hard time. 

Rob Robinson and Gil_1.png

Gil was the grandson of an emancipated slave from Mississippi, who moved to Kansas to become a buffalo soldier. Gil lived by himself on his farm. Rob didn’t hesitate – without telling Gil, he went to the hospital at the University of Kansas to test for Gil. They proved to be a match, and soon Gil had a new kidney and a new lease on life. 


That’s a pretty good story on its own, and you can see the news report on YouTube here:, (video below). But for Rob it was the beginning of a crusade that has been going on for six years. Rob has an FB page called Forever Outdoors . His page has 58,000 followers. On that page, he has a “Sign Up” button. That button takes you to the Donate Life page. Rob calculates that he has directed some 8,000 people to that site to sign up as organ donors on their license. Not bad for a one-person army.

Rob and Gil after surgery

Rob also helps injured veterans and other victims of trauma by getting outdoors and camping or hunting. He is as passionate about helping people as anyone we’ve met, so please take a look at his Facebook page and learn more about this remarkable individual.