Donor Connection - VOUCHER PROGRAM

#DonorHERO - Margaret to Richard


This is a very big day for Richard and a big day for Donor To Donor and our constituents. Richard received his kidney today, thanks to a donation by #DonorHERO Margaret McCormick Preto-Rodas, 12 weeks ago, August 2017. Margaret donated her kidney to save Richards life, and we all owe a big shout-out to the National Kidney Registry, (NKR) for the innovation they created to allow Richard to receive his kidney.

The Gift - in the form of a voucher

Margaret McCormick Preto-Rodas #DonorHERO to Richard

Margaret gave Richard a “voucher” for a kidney in a future kidney chain, in return for starting a chain of transplants with multiple recipients. The NKR then put together a chain that enabled Richard to receive his kidney in just 12 more weeks. So, rather than one donor giving a kidney to one recipient, the voucher program triggered multiple transplants!

Richard was on peritoneal dialysis for 4 years and hemodialysis for 5 years. He is very lucky – only 35% of the patients survive 5 years on dialysis. If you have interest in learning more about living donation, becoming a #LivingDonor or the “voucher” program, please do contact via our online form or email 


November 7:

As you know, when I donated my kidney back in August, I did so for a gentleman named Richard. I wasn't a match for him so I started a chain for him. And it's paid off because Richard finally gets his new kidney this Thursday. I'm asking you to keep him (and his donor) in your prayers. ❤❤❤❤  #livingdonationsaveslives #richardsgettingakidney#prayersforrichardandhisdonor #isharedmyspareyoushouldtoo

November 9, AM:

Exactly 12 wks after I donated my kidney on Richard's behalf, it's his turn to get his new kidney. Pls join me in praying that his donor's surgery and his transplant surgery go smoothly today. And pray that their recoveries are quick and without complications. #richardgetshisnewkidneytoday#livibgdonorssavelives #shareyourspare

November 9, PM:

I just received an update from Ned Brooks regarding Richard. His surgery went well and his kidney is happily adapting to its new home. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Pls keep Richard in your prayers as he recovers. And pls pls pls check out the DonortoDonor fb's how I got involved with living donation. ❤ #richardisontheroadtorecovery#imahappyandproudlivingdonor   #shareyourspare #bestholidayseasonevvvvver